Why Turkey?


Doctor of the medical profession is a very reputable profession in Turkey, just like in other countries. However, it is more challenging compared to other countries. In Turkey, the study of medicine is a superior level of education, the compulsory practice of the profession after university graduation is tougher, because of high population, the departments of medicine require high qualification for enrollment and therefore only the best students are admitted. For these reasons, the doctors in Turkey are among the most reputable professionals worldwide. The creator of this system of education and the founder of Turkey, Atatürk had also said, a hundred years ago, “Leave me to the hands of Turkish doctors” and highlighted his confidence in the doctors of Turkey even in those days.

Hospitals and Clinics

Until 20 years ago, the health care sector was under the monopoly of a few hospitals. Nevertheless, the incentives and investments for the health care sector as well as successful policies including the principle of free treatment for everyone as well as the importance attributed to health tourism resulted in the improvement of the sector and the opening of new and modern hospitals and clinics. This also means better services at more reasonable prices. The high-quality service approach in all sectors in Turkey is also in the foreground in these hospitals and this is the reason why many patients from Europe prefer the hospitals and doctors in Turkey for surgical operations.


The fact that Turkish Lira became devalued against USD and Euro made Turkey more attractive both in regular and in health care tourism. The hospital and doctor fees are much lower than those in other countries. The price is an advantage in general for foreign visitors not only in health but also in all other sectors. To exemplify, although Istanbul is considered as more expensive than other cities, you can eat the best and freshest fish on the coast of Bosporus for only 20 Euros, have a filling meal at a very classy sushi restaurant for only 30 Euros or simply eat at McDonald’s for 4 Euros. The worldwide famous stake restaurant Nusret charges 200 USD for a meal in NY whereas the same meal would cost only 50 USD in its branch of Istanbul.

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