What Is Different with Medical Concierge?

In order to perceive the difference, before Medical Concierge, one needs to have a grasp of what Medical Tourism is. It could help us express the difference we are offering. In the case of medical tourism, the patient generally has a dialogue with the doctor or a clinic. An online consultation is made with the doctor. The patient comes and is received. The procedure is followed with the selected hospital and the doctor of correspondence. The patient is offered accommodation at a nearby hotel and then sent home.

Our system offers a different procedure. The patient applies to us. We carry out the consultation online with our in-house doctor. Later we prepare the most suitable options of hospitals and doctors for the patient. And we leave the choice to the patient. The patient then chooses an option with our guidance and according to the patient’s budget. We receive the patient and accommodate the patient to the hotel. If necessary, the patient is also provided with a translator, city guide, shopping guide and even a child care service. We also offer dinner reservations, places to visit as well as Bosporus tour options. If the patient wishes to do so, s/he can also make use of a 24/7 driver service. The procedures are implemented with the best doctors, the best hospitals or clinics and only afterwards we bid farewell to the patient. In the aftermath, we monitor the patient’s condition and make sure the patient acts in conformity with the post-op conditions.

Why “Not Only Our Doctors” Policy?

The specialization of our clinic doctor is based on medical aesthetics and healthy living. We meet the demands in this area with our in-house doctor whereas our major principle is to find the most specialized doctor for the arriving patients in related fields. Even for three different types of surgical operations in rhinoplasty, we prefer to work with three different doctors. Our aim is to make you meet the best doctor in a specific field.

Why “Not Only Our Clinic” Policy?

We use our own clinic only for the medical aesthetic operations. However, in other specific operations, we offer our guests with a wide range of options and work with the most available and highest price/performance hospitals throughout the patient-specific dates. The hospitals may have varying prices according to dates. Therefore, we aim at finding you the best solution through an analysis of the occupancy rates corresponding to the dates of your arrival.

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