non-surgical procedures

These are the non-invasive procedures we apply in our own clinic, ClinicUp.

Acti-Biotic (Repairing Acne Treatment)

It is not only tough but also complicated to care oily skin. A bright skin, creating excessive amounts of skin problem, that must be balanced and become dull, faded skin, wide pores, black spots, pimples, and acne traces are common issues of oily skins, which might be solved easily when correct skincare products are used.

Acti-Biotic may be a skincare range with high performance, that targets skins fully covered with and have a tendency to have acne. This product, that contains a strong herbal complex, accelerates the synthesis of natural antibiotics generated by the skin by making certain that the skin defenses itself higher against aggressive bacteria, that are to blame for acne. it’s quite effective to solve this problem by regulation and leveling oily glands, that secrete excessive amounts of secretion.

We have organized the main points of this care, which can solve the issues of oily and pimpled skins, for you…

CLEANING: Face and neck are cleansed with Acti-Biotic Sebo soap. Then they’re cleaned with a wet sponge.

PEELING: Peeling is applied on face and neck with Acti-Biotic Sebo Peeling so cleaned with a wet sponge.

COMEDONE EXTRACTION: Comedones are cleansed when the vapor zone (vapor + ozone) application on the skin. A high-frequency device is employed to stop bacterial growth.

SERUM: Open Pores serum / White Spots serum are applied in an exceedingly few drops on problematic areas, counting on the skin’s need. Then it’s waited for five minutes to permit the skin to absorb the blood serum.

MASSAGE: Massage is applied on face and neck with Sebo Cream.

MASK: Acti-Biotic Clay mask is ready by creating the mixture with cold water. 1/2 of the prepared mask is applied on face and neck with a brush so the applied space is covered with a cotton cloth. The remaining mask is applied in layers so it’s waited for 10 minutes. Finally, the cotton cloth is removed and the skin is cleaned.

SERUM: Open Pores blood serum / White Spots blood serum are applied in an exceedingly few drops on problematic areas, reckoning on the skin’s need, and it’s waited 4-5 minutes.

MOISTURIZER: Sebo Gel is applied on face and neck and also the care is finished.

Anti-Aging Skincare

Signs of aging seem in numerous ways. the primary signs of aging are fine wrinkles, loss of firmness and brightness. These fine wrinkles get deeper in time and therefore the skin loses its firmness. Finally, sags occur and therefore the skin loses its vitality, comfort, and density. though this is often a normal process, it’s possible to delay it with anti-aging care.

1- Caviar Care (Moisturising care for Mature Skins)

Caviar contains all resources required for young and bright skin. It stimulates collagen, firms the skin and reinforces its elasticity due to its distinctive formula. it’s developed so as to not include any chemical preservative and it is a cocktail of phospholipids, amino acids and peptides with effective nutrient and rejuvenating features.

This skincare application, that supports restructuring method of cells, refreshes and protects the skin from free radicals, nourishes and repairs the skin deeply with its complex and nutrient tissue. it’s created by a hi-tech cooling system and caviar, that is an organic cosmetic, isn’t medical care just for dull skins, however also mature skins. It contains helpful products, like avocado, Omega 3, vitamins, blueberry, algae, ocean minerals, etc. and it’s natural and doesn’t contain any preservative.

Fresh caviar is effective in fighting against early aging. the requirements for moisturizing, nutrient and firming the skin are met with this 3-phased care and it ensures that cellular metabolism is stirred up from its deepest point and basic nutrients are provided to have a younger feeling skin. It strengthens the defenses of the skin by providing intensive moisture, will increase the collagen and strengthens elastin fibers.
It is advised to use once in a week for a minimum of four sessions. it’s care which will be applied in all seasons for all age teams and skin sorts and it reinforces the skin’s defenses.

2- Bioptic Care (Anti-Aging Eye Contour Care)

Our skin around the eyes is extremely weak and it’s the most sensitive part of the face. Under-eye bags and circles are the first reactions of eye contour to fatigue. so this sensitive part requires continuous and deeply affecting care, that should begin at early ages.

Wrinkles and fine lines, that appear around the eyes as the 1st signs of aging, are known as “crow’s foot” wrinkles. The moisture that’s lost in time, gestures, and squinting triggers the formation of those wrinkles. The walls of capillary vessels are loosened and blood circulation begins to be impaired as age grows. Then dark circles begin to look darker below the eyes, that has the thinnest skin layer of the face. Under-eye bags occur thanks to 2 reasons: edema and genetic. Some regular treatments are required to stop all these problems.

The eye contour is cleaned with a special gel during this care. The special products are applied by massaging the required area. A special mask and products will be applied in many phases. Finally, the care is completed by applying anti-wrinkle and firming creams.

3- Genxskin (Wrinkle Care With Filling Effect)

Initially face and skin is cleaned with cleansing milk and rejuvenating tonic during this care. Then peeling is applied to the skin with dry hands. once the skin is cleaned with a wet sponge, anti-wrinkle creams are applied and a rejuvenating and firming massage is given.
After the massage, skin firming blood serum is applied on face and neck. Then a special anti-wrinkle mask is applied on face and neck as a thin layer with the assistance of a brush. The mask stays on the skin for 15 minutes and then it’s removed the patient’s skin is cleaned with a sponge that was soaked in hot water.

If necessary, another special serum is applied on dark spots and overly coloured areas. Forehead lines, nasolabial and crow’s foot area are massaged for the last time by applying a special anti-wrinkle cream. Then the cream is applied to the complete face and finally, treatment is completed.


BotoxWrinkles are the lines on the skin that occur because of thousands of repetitions of the same gestures. Wrinkles are also known as “expression-gesture lines” or, “crow’s foot” because of their form. The reason for wrinkles is long term straining of muscles underneath your skin.

Botox is that the brand name of the medicine, that helps to loosen the muscles within the treated area and to firm the skin for a certain time and it’s a toxin, retrieved from “Botulinum Toxin”. It’s effective directly on the treated muscles and it is not effective in any area apart from the treated area. It will limit or completely take away the gestures by preventing the muscles on the treated part of the face to move. 

Botox, one of the primary ways that come to mind once you speak of medical aesthetics, is that the best and also the most effective that’s preferred to eliminate gesture lines and wrinkles. It’s applied to crow’s foot around the eyes, eyebrows that are lost the firmness in time, forehead wrinkles, higher lip wrinkles, neck wrinkles, armpits to stop perspiration, and hands and feet. The area to be treated is anesthetized with an anesthetic cream before the treatment, then botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle from a couple of points with the assistance of a very small needle. The operation takes about 10-15 minutes. The patient doesn’t feel any pain throughout the treatment.

The application’s effect is beginning to be seen 3-4 days later and its effects reach to the highest level on the fifteenth day. It’s effective for 4 to 5 months on average and it is not effective as of the sixth month and also the application area is fixed to its previous condition. Once it’s used to get rid of perspiration, its effect is longer.

The patient group that achieves the most effective results is that the group of patients that receive the right application on the right time. Any application that’s applied before it’s required and in younger ages wouldn’t cause any visible and satisfying effect for the patient since the wrinkles don’t seem to be visible enough. Patients that are too aged and, whose wrinkles became very deep, may not achieve the desired results by only applying botulinum toxin. These patients should be inspected in details and informed regarding botulinum toxin and different operations.

Botox treatment doesn’t have any adverse side effect on health. Since it’s applied only a few amounts for aesthetic purposes, no unwanted result is seen when the right application and no bulging, bruises or redness occur. The patients may in some occasions have a headache because of the treatment. There’s no risk if the application is applied by a trained and skilled professional. One of the common feedbacks of this treatment is it’s also helpful against migraine pain. The patient is asked to not lay down on his face and deal with anything by lowering his head for four hours right after the treatment. Additionally, solarium, skincare, hairstylist, swimming pool and sports activities aren’t recommended on the operation day.

Botox Against Extreme Perspiration

Extreme perspiration is considered not as a cosmetic, however an unhealthiness. Though there are several ways to stop extreme perspiration, they’re not effective enough. However, botulinum toxin is effective in minimizing or ending this problem by blocking the fibers in sweat glands, that causes perspiration. It’s effective for an amount of six to twelve months. Botox is defined publicly as snake poison however it’s not real. This can be an urban story, that we have a tendency to believe to be true, but not.

Classical Skincare

Classic Skin CareOur skin encounters with several negative situations due to factors, such as external effects, life conditions, eating habits, and aging. Regular care of skin, which even do not have any serious problem, is an important caution to protect its health, youth, and brightness. Classical skincare is deep cleansing of skin based on its needs by the experts, who use professional products. This treatment continues for 1 hour on average and it is completed by cleansing, peeling, applying tonic and vapor, cleansing comedones and applying mask and massage. So the skin is cleansed, any fat and dirt that has accumulated in pores are cleaned and the skin’s suppleness and brightness are restored. Classical skincare can be made at any time, but it is recommended to make it once in a month as the skin renews itself every 28 days.

Enzymacid (With Chemical Peeling Effect)

This dermo-aesthetic care handles various skin problems, such as dull skin, the skin of smokers, swelling, extreme pigmentation, thickened skin, superficial spots, scars, superficial wrinkles, and tired skin.
This versatile peeling, which is a new skincare technology, significantly improves the quality of skin tissue. It can be applied to patients of any age thanks to its mechanical effect as a result of the removal of dead skin cells and lifting of skin layers on the surface, its biological effect that supports the renewal of tissues that last for weeks, and its rejuvenating effect on the skin tone and cells.

We have listed the details of application for you…

  • CLEANING: Face and neck are cleansed with milk and lotions, prepared specially for this care.
  • PEELING: Face and neck are scrubbed with a scrub, used particularly for this care.
  • SERUM: Two pieces of cotton, soaked in Bioptic Soothing Lotion, is placed on eyes for protection purposes. Glyco Serum VIT C is put into a palm and applied to the face with fingers in 2 sets between 3 minutes each.
  • MASSAGE: The cream of Post Acid Modeling mask is applied in the form of a thin layer and a long and relaxing massage is applied.
  • SERUM: Glyco Serum PLGA is applied to face in 2 sets between 3 minutes each.
  • MASK: The cream is applied again and a long and relaxing massage is given. The gauze bandage is placed on the entire face. Then a Peel Off Mask is applied with the help of a brush. It has waited for 20 minutes until the mask completely dries.

The care is completed by applying Prozym cream or White fluid protection cream, depending on the season and sunlight, to the patient’s skin.


The amount of hyaluronic acid, which preserves the moisture in skin and helps the skin to look livelier and younger, begins to be reduced in older ages. The most important feature of hyaluronic acid is retaining plenty of water. Since the loss of water is naturally increased in older ages, deep and permanent wrinkles occur.

Filling application is used to solve wrinkle and hollow problems that usually occur on face in time. These wrinkles and hollows occur as a result of loss of supporting substances. Aesthetic filling applications are preferred particularly in sagging corners of mouth, removing wrinkles around the nose, filling cheekbones and under-eye hollows, giving volume to lips and making the lip contour clearer. Filling applications are also frequently preferred in recent years to shape chin and nose without any aesthetic surgery.

Hyaluronic acid and the patient’s own fat tissues are used as filling material. Anesthetic cream can be applied on the are to be treated before injection. Tissue fillers are produced ready-to-use within injectors. These fillers are injected in the right dose to the area, which is planned to be treated with a fine needle. Application duration is approximately 15 – 20 minutes. The patients are recommended to apply ice for a short term after the injection. There is not any adverse effect on the skin after the application. The patient can continue on his/her daily life and activities even during the treatment day. The treatment’s effects are seen in 5-7 days and its effectiveness continues for 6-12 months in average.

This treatment is used effectively for under-eye bruises and hollows. One week after light filling is applied to the area under the eyes, this area becomes brighter and its fatigue appearance is diminished. The advantage of this filling is its natural look and capability to create no oedema problems under the eyes. It is effective for a period of 12 months in average.

The filling application is used in the following areas:

  •  To remove nasolabial lines
  •  To remove philtral lines
  •  To give volume to lips, to lift their corners and remove radical lines around them
  •  To remove wrinkles around the eyes and camouflage under-eye bags and hollows
  •  To remove forehead lines
  •  To lift eyebrows
  •  To clear acne traces
  •  To correct any deformation that might have occurred after an accident or trauma
  •  To give volume to cheeks and cheekbones
  •  To give volume to the end of chin and make chin corners more visible
  •  To ensure the nose is corrected without surgery
  •  To correct some asymmetries in the body.

It is not allowed to exercise heavily for two days after the filling. It is also not recommended to use swimming pool, solarium, sauna or Turkish bath, laser applications, hairdressers, skincare products, dental treatment (for patients of lip filling), alcohol consumption, too hot showers and laying down on face for a certain period. It is useful to rest at home and lay down on back. Some light massages can be applied on face with the recommendation of an expert.

Persons, who have too many pimples on their faces and a cold sore on their lips are not recommended to treat these areas. FDA approval of the products being used proves that they are reliable. Since it is a temporary application, the ingredients can safely be removed from the body within 9-12 months.

Although this application looks like a simple injection, the patient’s complaints and requests must certainly be evaluated by a specialist physician in order to analyse the patient’s face correctly and find the most suitable treatment options.

Laser Epilation

Laser Epilation, Hair RemovalEpilation is the most effective method to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently.

The energy that penetrates under the skin in laser epilation is absorbed by melanine pigment within the hair follicles and converted to heat energy. So the hair roots are damaged and their feeding is prevented.

elōs Plus, which we use at ClinicUp for this purpose, is a platform composed of devices that can perform multiple applications through ironing diode and ironing ipl for ironing epilation applications, which are demanded most.
elōs Plus provides you significant advantages in your ironing epilation applications thanks to ironing diode laser and ironing ipl epilation system. It allows you to perform skin renewal, spot and wrinkle treatments effectively through fractional radio frequency applications.

elōs Plus allows to perform safe and effective treatments in all skin types with elos technology (combination of Bi-Polar radio frequency with optical energy). Our new Elos Plus Ironing Diode Laser Epilation device ensures that pigment and minimal pigment hairs are permanently reduced in all skin types, including tanned skin.

Pattern ironing epilation mode is available at two elos based applicators:

  1. Pattern LHR ironing epilation: Combination of diode laser and Radio Frequency
  2. Pattern HR ironing epilation: Combination of IPL and Radio Frequency

Both applicators supports “painless” pattern mode with multiple high frequency switches together with highly energized epilation mode. While combined energies of elos do not damage the surrounding tissue, they only target the hair follicle and its body.

It can be applied quickly in all areas of the body within 1-2 hours. It does not have any toxic or allergic adverse effect on the skin, it does not irritate the skin and does not cause any permanent scar. Epilation is the most effective treatment method for ingrown hair and dermoid cysts. Generally it is possible to apply laser epilation to the entire body of women/men.

Application Areas In Women

  • Full face
  • Chin
  • Armpit
  • Breast
  • Nipples
  • Stomach
  • Waist
  • Over the buttocks
  • Genital area
  • Bikini area
  • Full leg and half leg
  • Over the hands and feet
  • Over the lips
  • Neck
  • Full arm and half arm
  • Back

Application Areas In Men

  • Over the beards
  • Sideburns
  • Over the eyebrows
  • Between the eyebrows
  • Back of the neck
  • Neck
  • Ears
  • Armpits
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Entire chest
  • Stomach

Light Eyes

When there are purple spots under your eyes, usually we think it is caused by lack of sleep or tiredness. Normally, even if we don’t have any such problem, but if we don’t sleep well for a couple of nights or stay in front of a computer for a long period, this problem is quickly seen under the eyes. Today there are a lot of persons, who complain from under-eye purple spots and hollows and there are many other reasons of these problems in addition to extra tiredness.

Persons, who have sunk eye contour, who are also called hollow-eyed persons, have shadows under their eyes due to their bone structure. In these cases the area under their eyes is seen darker. Another reason is lack of sleep. When you couldn’t get your sleep and couldn’t rest well, your face looks pale and areas under your eyes look darker. In such cases, under-eye bags do occur too. Sunlight is another reason of this problem. Staying for a long time under the sun causes the melanin under the eyes to be increased. Melanin is responsible to protect our body from sunlight and when they are no longer available, the area under the eyes, which cannot be protected from sunlight, starts to become purple and damaged. Furthermore, if the melanin substance, which gives the skin its color, is consumed too much by the body, spots or dark areas occur on the skin. If you can’t take enough nutrition, there may also occur purple spots and hollows under your eyes since your skin and blood cannot take necessary nutritional elements. Finally, drug use, allergy, diseases such as sinusitis, water retention of the body, genetic, aging and lifestyle are among other reasons of this problem.

While Your Eye Contour Is Sparkling Let Others, Who See You, Sparkle Too

It is seen that a lot of makeup is preferred to conceal under-eye bruises and hollows, but such amount of makeup is also harmful for our skin. It is better to prefer a correct treatment for the problem in order to prevent occurrence of other problems while trying to solve one. There are many methods to treat hollows and purple spots and these vary, depending on the level of problem. One of the most effective and preferred methods is “Light Eyes”. We can easily claim that this treatment is quite effective in removing under-eye swelling and oedema, purple spots and fine lines as well as in firming the skin under and around the eyes.

The area is anesthetized with an anesthetic cream before the treatment and the application is performed 15-20 minutes later. An enriched reviving cocktail is applied under and around the eyes with Dermapen during the treatment. Injection method can also be preferred but it is more effective to apply it with Dermapen to prevent bruises. The application takes approximately 30 minutes. There might be mild rednesses after the treatment but they are recovered soon. The patients are recommended not to make any makeup and moisture their eye contour after the treatment.

Light Eyes, which is applied in every 10 days, is applied for 4 – 6 sessions, depending on the type of problem, and it is suitable for patients of any age.

Lymph Drainage

In addition to healthy diet, exercising and mental tranquility, there is also one important factor for health: lymph circulation. If the lymph circulation, which is responsible for the cleaning of our internal organs and which acts like a waste collection system, functions properly our immunity is reinforced and we have a healthy body that is resists to diseases. Lymph channels contain “lymph” fluid, composed of water and protein, which is collected from subcutaneous layers. This lymph fluid moves by penetrating into lymph channels that are very close to skin surface. While it continues to move through the lymph channels, it is poured into wide lymph channels located at deeper sections of the skin, such as armpit and pubic. Lymph fluid is filtered by lymph nodules and some glands and flows towards the wider veins of the body. This fluid, which accumulates under the skin and is collected through lymph channels, is mostly removed from the body through urination. Protein and water accumulates between tissues and cause oedema. Oedema may occur when lymph channels are insufficient, blocked or damaged or in case of a disease. Although oedema is usually seen in arms and legs, it may also occur at any part of the body. These oedemas that occur in arms and legs may cause problems for persons due to firmness and weight.

Lymph Drainageis a massage without any adverse effect, which is ideal to be applied for 3 times in a week, each of which would take approximately 30 seconds, that should be done to accelerate blood circulation and remove oedema from the body.
The thin sock of a device, which is composed of several parts, is worn by the person during the application and legs, feet and abdomen are covered and then lymph drainage device is operated. This device applies pressure in regular intervals, starting from the end of fingers to upwards and massages the body in order to drain lymph. Since it is performed without using any product, it is very different from other massages.

It accelerate the flow of lymph fluid and minimizes bulging, which causes comfort. It also supports lymph flow and any bulging caused by oedema can be decreased. Lymph drainage massage cleanses our body from toxins, bacteria, microbes, chemical wastes and extra fluid and reinforces our resistance. The strengthened body perfectly resists against internal and external factors and so have a mental cleansing in addition to physiological well-being. This treatment also supports body firming and reduction of appearance of cellulites.

Lymph Drainage can also help in problems, such as oedema and swelling, toxin accumulation, such as swelled toes, legs, etc., cellulite and weight as well as acne and other skin problems, pre- and post-surgery problems, supporting in oedema and improvement processes, scars (old or new), constipation and indigestion, hormonal instabilities, adolescence, pre- and post-pregnancy, menopause, pre-menstruation tension, sensitivity on breasts, sinusitis, hay fever, repeating infections, cold, influenza, upper respiratory infections, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, stress, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia.
Lymph Drainage can be applied to any one. Because it is a light massage and it does not cause any skin redness as it is made slowly and without any chemical.

Meso-Vit (Mesotherapy Effect)

As aesthetic medicine is advanced and popularity of medical beauty operations is increased, the interest of women for skincare products, which give the same results with medical applications, is increasing day by day. Meso-Vit care is suitable for all patients that have problems, such as skin problems, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, over-sensitivity and loss of flexibility, and it helps in rejuvenating the skin and restoring its vitality. It does also calm and recover the skin quickly after medical mesotherapy sessions and it supports medical applications.

With this care, it is aimed to restructure the skin with the support of Vitamins A, E and C, which are known for skin recovery properties, to stimulate fibroblast synthesis as well as production of hyaluronic acids, to ensure hydration and protect the skin from UVA / UVB rays. Its mesotherapy effect is seen by mimicking micro injections with “Micro Pick” and ” Skinjector” apparatuses and facilitating the penetration of nanoparticles and vitamins under the skin.

We wrote down the details of phases of Meso-Vit care for you below…

CLEANING: Face and neck are cleansed with Derme Calm Gentle Cleansing Milk and Derma Calm Soothing Lotion.
PEELING: Peeling is applied for 3 minutes on dry skin with Meso-Vit Zeloit Scrub. After it is cleaned with water, the skin is revived with one of Derma Calm series of tonics.
MASSAGE: A relaxing massage is applied for 10 minues with Meso-Vit Soothing Gel.
REGENERATING SERUM: Meso-Vit A Regeneration Serum (Vitamin A serum) is applied to skin.
Massage is applied on entire face and neck with SKINJECTOR.
REJUVENATING SERUM: Meso-Vit A Brightening Serum (Vitamin C serum) is applied to skin.
ROLLER APPLICATION: Half fo Meso-Vit Cream is applied to skin. Micro Pick is applied to entire face and neck.
MASSAGE: Remaining half of Meso-Vit Cream is applied to the skin by massaging for 10 minutes.
MASK: Meso-Vit Meso Particles mask is applied to the entire face and neck. After waiting for 15 minutes, the skin is revived with tonic.
SERUM: Meso-Vit Protecting Serum (Vitamin E serum) is applied to skin.
MOISTURISING: Multi Vitality Fluid is applied to the skin and the care is completed.

Moisturizing Vaccine

As the time passes, the skin becomes drier. The amount of hyaluronic acid within the skin is increasingly reduced due to environmental factors. Therefore it is frequently preferred to inject products, which contain hyaluronic acid, in order to increase the skin’s quality. Moisturizing vaccine is one of the most effective applications.

It is possible to have moisturizing effect for a period up to 9 months and to improve the tissues, flexibility and color of skin with only a single application. Since a single application is sufficient, it is frequently preferred both by physicians and patients. It can be applied to face, neck, decollette and on the hands.

The area to be treated is anesthetized by a local anesthetic cream before the application. Then the vaccine is injected under the skin in small intervals. The application takes approximately 15 minutes.
No serious adverse effect has been observed after the application. Any mild redness that may occur is also recovered shortly after the treatment and the patient may continue on his/her daily life. It is only recommended not to take a hot shower and consume any alcohol on the same day.

Shining Skins, Happy Faces

Its effect is seen immediately. The patient begins to observe only a couple of days after the treatment that its skin is shining, moisturized and fine wrinkles are beginning to disappear. The changes are seen more visibly after a week. If we call the skins, which have moisturized tissue, do not have any fine lines, flexible and vivid and which do not have any colorful pigment and redness, as “healthy skins”, we can easily claim that patients have a healthy skin after applying Moisturizing Vaccine.

This treatment can be applied to every skin and age group in any season.

It is not recommended for pregnants and persons that are medically treated for cancer.

Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics

Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics is possible today thanks to plasma treatment. This treatment, which can be applied in all areas from lower and upper eyelid bags to wrinkles around the eyes, can also be applied to treat papilloma around the eyes and between eye lashes, benign spilomas, sties, and injury scars and spots which cannot be recovered with medicines and cosmetic products.

The area to be treated is anaesthetized with an anesthetic cream before the treatment. Session durations vary between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the structure of the patient’s eye. The problematic external surface of the skin is vaporized spot by spot, which initiates the new tissue process, and any extra eyelid tissue starts to be lifted after this treatment. It doesn’t have any adverse effect on vision.

1 – 3 monthly sessions are needed, depending on the structure of eyes. Single session can be enough for patients, whose wrinkles and eyelids do not require any surgery. The skin structure must be inspected in details and a program must be determined by taking the social life of person into consideration in order to have effective results.

The treated area is covered with liquid foundation after the treatment. After the problematic area is vaporized, scabbed part falls off within 5-7 days and intended recovery is achieved. It is recommended to cleanse with baby soaps and no cosmetic product or drug is recommended. A colored liquid sunscreen must certainly be used.

Non-surgical Eyelid Treatment is permanent for the given period (5-10 years) in case any surgery is made on the eyelid. However, it is permanent for 1-2 years in average for wrinkles, depending on age and current conditions. When compared with other methods, it is a treatment that minimizes known risks and keeps the comfort of person at the highest level before, after and during the application despite of being applied at the same depth with them.

It is not suitable for persons, who have an immunity system disease, skin disease, wounds or infections on the treatment area and who are pregnant.


OxytherapyThe oxygen in our body can be reduced due to age or smoking caused stress and decreasing level of oxygen accelerates the aging process. Since micro veins and circulatory system at the mature skin layer is damaged, the oxygen and food needed by epidermis cannot be provided. As a result of lack of oxygen and food, the skin is deformed. At this point, the oxygen therapy closes the gap and helps the acceleration of blood circulation by providing missing oxygen. Oxygen gives life to skin and acts as a fuel for the functioning of skin cells.

Oxytherapy is applied with natural oxygen, derived from the atmosphere and pressurized oxygen is applied with light touches and in short intervals from a close distance by using a special head that is connected to oxygen machine together with the serums, which are used according to the skin’s needs. So, not only the serum’s content but also the oxygen can reach to lower layers of skin. Serums that are used together with oxygen are two times more effective than normal serums. So, skin cells are renewed and achieve a healthy appearance.

Wrinkles are visibly reduce, skin spots caused by sun are significantly decreased, acnes and other similar problems are removed and the skin becomes smooth and bright as a result of Oxytherapy treatment. Your skin breathes with the oxygen.
The skin is cleansed, cared and peeling is applied before starting the treatment. Then special creams are applied and mask is prepared. Please find below the details of this very special care for you…

CLEANING: Initially, the skin is cleansed with Babor Cleansing Gel or Babor Cleansing Milk, depending on the condition of skin. Then, Babor tonic is applied to the skin.
DERMABRASION: A controlled peeling operation is performed with diamond ended dermabrasion tool, in order to cleanse the skin from dead skin cells and comedones.
OXYGEN JET PEELING: A vitamin serum that is specifically prepared for the person’s skin is applied by brush and pressurized oxygen is given to the skin with an oxygen head. The purpose of this operation is to ensure that serum reaches to dermis. At the end of this treatment, the skin is rejuvenated thanks to vitamin serum and achieves a fresher look.
RADIO FREQUENCY: At this point, initially an ultrasound gel is applied to nasolabial, face, crow’s foot and the middle of eyebrows. Then the face is massaged with radio frequency head, which transmits heat under the skin and the collagens begin to act. The purpose of this operation is to firm the face and create a lifting effect.
LED LIGHT MASK: The mask that is specifically prepared for the person’s face is applied on face and neck with a brush. Led light mask is placed on the patient’s head and it is ensured by giving oxygen that the mask is absorbed better. The anti-aging effect of the red light helps to firm the skin.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP is the abbreviation of “Platelet Rich Plasma”, i.e. “application of plasma enriched with thrombocyte and platelets”.
When our tissues are damaged, our blood collects platelets in these tissue and starts to repair them. The purpose of PRP is to provide much more platelets than those carried by blood circulation to the target tissue and to initiate the repairing of tissues in a faster and stronger manner and to complete the process quickly. So, the skin is renewed and rejuvenated.

PRP, one of the most preferred skin rejuvenation applications, has been improved a lot in recent years. 8-20 cc blood is taken from patients in PRP, which is an effective skin rejuvenation method, and then centrifuged to derive a serum that has 2-4 times more concentrated in terms of platelet than the original blood. Platelets and growth factors in the serum derived through PRP increases collagen generation and paracellular substance and distributes them subcutaneously in order to regenerate the skin.

It is used in all areas that require skin regeneration, such as removal of wrinkles, hollows and loss of flexibility on face, neck, decollette and hands, treatment of cracks, scars, spots and under-eye bruises, reducing loss of hair and helping the hairs to grow again and successful results are achieved. For deep wrinkles, after the mixture is applied under the skin, it immediately is transformed into a gel, which initiates an intensive tissue repairing process and it has a strong effect to end loss of volume. PRP gel is not only effective as a filling to add volume, but it also initiates the generation of a new tissue, which is same as the tissue that surrounds the injection area. Since this filling material belongs to the person, it does not have any allergenic side effect.

The face is anesthetized in 15 minutes with an anesthetic cream before the application. Taking blood from the patient’s arm and centrifuging it does also take approximately 15 minutes. The derived serum is injected into the skin in small amounts and within a period of 10-15 minutes, similar to mesotherapy. The patient does not feel any pain during the application and all processes are applied in the same environment due to technical and hygienic reasons. There is not any serious redness or pain problem after the treatment.

There is not any overdose problem in PRP application and the entire derived PRP can be used. Usually, 4-8 milliliters of PRP can be derived with a single mesotherapy kit, which is enough to treat face, neck, decollette area, side of arms, and interior side of legs.

After the treatment, the skin is revived and become brighter. Later, this healthy appearance might be impaired a bit, but after the entire cure is applied (4 applications), the effects become permanently apparent. Totally 4 injections must be made, each in every 3 weeks, in order to achieve a better result. If this 1 cure, composed of 4 applications to be made in every 20 days, is repeated every year, its effect is equivalent to a permanent rejuvenation.

PRP can be applied to any age of patient due to variety of its application areas.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency, is one of the safe and simple applications without any side effect that is used to rejuvenate the skin. With this application, it is aimed to help the skin to shape and rejuvenate and to have a younger look. Application areas are forehead, eye contour, cheeks, around the mouth, chin and under the chin.

There is not any special preparation before the application and available collagens are firmed to generate new ones during the application. While radio waves are reaching subcutaneous tissues, the patient feels a deep heat under his skin. This feeling of heat indicates that collagen has reached to the temperature that is needed to be firmed.

The results of this application, which takes approximately 45 minutes, are seen immediately. It doesn’t have any adverse effect after the treatment. There might be a mild redness, but it also disappears within half hour. There is not any issue to be taken care after the application.

Totally 4 sessions, each of which must be done in every 2 weeks, are needed to achieve the desired results. If it is repeated every year, permanency would be achieved.

It is suitable for every age and skin type, but it is not suitable for persons, who have a platinum in their body or who have heart diseases or kidney failure problems.

Salmon’s DNA

As the skin gets older, collagen production slows down, its elasticity is reduced and the skin loses its brightness and humidity. Cracks and sags occur as a result of decrease of fat ratio. As age is increased, since our body cannot synthesize proteins and minerals needed for itself, we begin to see the symptoms of aging. One of the treatments that contain these materials, which are needed by the skin, is Salmon’s DNA. Salmon’s DNA, which is a skin rejuvenation method that uses DNA molecules, derived from pure hyaluronic acid and salmon fish sperms, is highly demanded due to its fast refreshing and rejuvenating effects.

We can categorize the benefits of salmon’s DNA treatment on the skin in three groups. First of these benefits is extra moisturizing of skin. Salmon’s DNA contains plenty of hyaluronic acid, which plays a highly effective role in moisturizing the skin. So, this treatment strengthens the skin’s elasticity, gives the skin a permanent softness and prevents occurrence of new spots. Note that the skin that has the moisture that it needs does always look younger and healthier. The second benefit is causing the skin to become livelier and brighter, which is achieved by its rich content of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, proteins and inorganic salts. The last but the most important benefit is stimulation of collagen production. Since Salmon’s DNA treatment contains salmon fish DNA, the structure of which is very similar to human DNA, the treated person’s DNA structure is affected and collagen structure is stimulated, as a result of which the skin becomes firmer and more vibrant in only 3 or 4 months.

The treatment is applied approximately in 20-30 minutes. Since an anaesthetic cream is applied before the application, no pain is felt. The product is injected under the skin with very small needles. Any redness that may occur after the treatment disappears within a few hours and the treatment does not have any common adverse effect. The patient may continue on his/her daily life after the treatment.

Salmon’s DNA is usually applied biweekly in totally 4 sessions. Its effects are visible even after the first session. The skin continues to recovery after the treatment is completed and its real effects are seen after 3 or 4 sessions. Repeating the treatment 1 year after the end of the 4th session is very important in increasing the duration of effects and ensuring their permanency.

Salmon’s DNA can be applied to any type of skin in any season, but if it is applied before summer, it assists in protecting the skin from sunlight. Due to its anti-aging effect, it is mostly preferred to remove thin lines on the skin. It can also be applied to give volume to a hollowed skin as well as to moisturize a very dry skin.

It is not recommended for persons, who have diabetes or heart diseases, had vascular occlusion, paralysis and blood coagulation problems or who are pregnant. Contrary to the common belief, there is not any problem to apply Salmon’s DNA to persons that are allergic to fish. This is an urban myth, which we believe to be true, but not.

Ultherapy (Non-Operative Rejuvenation)

Ultherapy Ultherapy Technology is an effective treatment that helps the skin to become firm and tight. This method restores and rejuvenates the skin around decollete and jowl area, cheek, mouth, face contour, chin line, eyebrows, forehead and crow’s foot area, around which sags and wrinkles occur as a result of lack of skin firmness, without any surgery.

Collagen production is stimulated through spot heat increases by using sound waves in carrier tissues, located at deeper layers of skin. So more collagen is produced, connective tissues are strengthened, a firmer skin is achieved and wrinkles are visibly decreased.

Although there are technologies similar to this treatment method, the application area is monitored by an ultrasonography screen and it is only possible to intervene exactly the intended tissues sensitively and on two separate layers by FDA approved Ulthera Technology. Furthermore, sound waves that generate heat energy focus on the targeted tissue depth in this treatment made with “Ulthera” device and the heating effect is created only at carrier connective tissue under the skin without damaging upper layers.

Non-Operative Rejuvenation In One Session

Sagged/loosened skin caused by reduced collagen and gravity throughout the years can be cured only in one session that takes 30-60 minutes thanks to Ultherapy, known as non-operative skin firming method.

Although pain tolerance may vary between people, most of the treated patients define the treatment as an instant tingling sensation or electrification and, if requested, the comfort of treatment can be improved by a mild painkiller, which can be taken before the application. After the application, there may be mild redness and sensitivity on the skin, which disappears within a few hours.

The subject reaches to his/her ideal appearance within 3 months following the treatment and the result can be maintained for 2 years.

You can prefer Ultherapy safely in all seasons.


UltraShapeNon-surgical methods are spreading fast among aesthetic applications for local slimming, shaping and cellulite treatment. The biggest advantage of non-surgical methods is allowing patients to have these treatments without disturbing their work and social lives and they are not required to have any surgical operation. It is very important to explain these methods to patients and these methods must be in line with the expectations of patients.

If you say, “I want an effective result in a short period”, “I couldn’t have satisfying results from the methods I tried”, “I want a safe and comfortable method, not any surgical operation”, UltraShape solves local fat deposition problems at abdomen, waist circumference, legs and arms permanently.

Ultrashape V3 focused ultrasound, is a technology of “sound waves” and it is a platform that includes vacuuming and radio frequency methods. Focused ultrasound technique is an important innovation. Since it does only target fat cells, it does not damage other structures, nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. It uses a safe and approved technology to break down fat cells permanently.

This system, enabling permanent local slimming without requiring any follow-up process and without any adverse effect with Focused Sound Waves Technology, ensures slimming for up to 3 centimeters in a single session even though it is used alone. Thanks to Bipolar Radio Frequency and Vacuuming features of UltraShape, the focused ultrasound treatment creates a powerful pressure effect on fatty tissues, which are located a few centimeters deep under the skin, makes fatty cells fragile, prevents the skin to be loosened as a result of broken down fatty cells and makes the skin firmer.

Application Areas of UltraShape

It is quite effective in fat depositions around the abdomen, bulges on the sides of upper legs, fat depositions around the waist, cellulite treatments, and fat depositions under the hip.

Duration of Application and Number of Sessions

The duration of one session varies between 60 and 120 seconds, depending on the area of application. You can immediately go back to your daily life after the application. 3 or 4 sessions are applied on each area in every 10-15 days and the treatment continues for 1.5 months. Sometimes this duration can be extended due to additional treatments. Initial results are achieved 7-10 days after the first session, but real results are achieved 1 month later after the last session.

Results of UltraShape V3

UltraShape is a FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) certified body shaping system, which is effective against local fat depositions and safe for health. Patients can get slimmer by 2-4 cm in average in a single session and 6-9 cm. wide local slimming can be achieved in average at the end of 3 sessions, which are applied in every two weeks. This application must also be supported with exercises and diets. The diet must not include any fat and the patient must drink plenty of water. Visible and clinically proven slimming at fat tissues around the abdomen, hip, thighs, and both sides of waist is clearly observed.

UltraShape and VelaShape III are the correct combination for those people, who look for non-surgical local slimming, body shaping and solutions for their cellulite and other similar problems.


VelaShape 3 - IIIVelaShape III is a single session protocol system that can treat cellulitis and shape the body through local slimming. It ensures that you achieve impressive results without disturbing your daily life or causing any significant discomfort to you. It also gives successful results for the need to tighten and firm your body after pregnancy. It provides an overall improvement in the appearance of cracks on various areas of the body, which occur due to different reasons.
The secret of VelaShape lies in being the one and only technology that combines vacuuming and tissue manipulation with Elos technology in order to reduce the appearance and volume of fatty tissues.
This FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) certified system, which is the most powerful device of its class, can heat the tissue for a depth between 3 and 15 millimeters effectively through a combination of infra-red lights, bipolar radio frequency waves and mechanic vacuuming technology. It ensures that fatty cells and collagen fibers under the connective tissue that surrounds these cells are heated deeply through this combination of infra-red lights, bipolar radio frequency waves and mechanic vacuuming technology. This treatment causes the circulation to be accelerated and lymphatic drainage and cellular metabolism becomes faster. Skin cells begin to generate more collagen and fibroblasts and a restoration process begins in the skin. As a result, the skin becomes tighter and firmer and cellulite appearance and the skin quality are visibly improved in a few sessions.

To which areas of the body VelaShape III is applied?

Though this treatment is mostly applied on hips, legs and abdomen, VelaShape device provides a secure and effective treatment for the entire body thanks to two applicators designed for wide and narrow parts of the body.

How many centimeters of slimming is achieved on which areas?

The researches showed that approximately 2.5 cm. slimming is observed on abdomens and 1.5 cm. is observed on legs of customers after the application. Our patients state that their treated areas have been slimmed for 1-3 cm. in average. In a survey done with a group of patients, who have given birth recently, 97 of 100 patients have stated that they were quiet satisfied from the results.

What should I do to ensure permanency of results?

Periodical applications to be made after completion of sessions will ensure that results would be permanent. Of course correct lifestyle is one of the factors ensuring the permanency of results. Paying attention to your diet and exercising will extend the effectiveness of results.

Is this treatment suitable for me?

This treatment is suitable for almost everyone. You can even try this treatment, which is highly effective in local slimming, getting firmer and improvement of cellulite appearance, only to improve the quality of your skin. Some of our customers are not satisfied with their bodies although they are week and even they don’t have any cellulite problem. The reason of this satisfaction is the loss of freshness of their skin and VelaShape III is highly effective in solving this problem, too.

Is the treatment safe?

FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) has certified that this treatment is suitable for all types of skin and it does not have any adverse effect. The researches have also proven that there is not any adverse effect in the short or long term.

Will I feel pain during the application?

Almost all of our patients said that they were quite comfortable and calm during the treatment. Even most of them told that the treatment looked like a hot deep tissue message which cause them to feel good and relaxed. The most important feature of VelaShape technology is taking skin sensitivity and comfort level of the patient into consideration when it is designed. It is normal for the patient to feel warm on the treated area after the session.

What kind of a difference will I see on the area, treated with VelaShape?

The skin on the area treated with VelaShape looks firmer and this firmness is also felt by the patient. In some cases there may be redness on the treated skin for a few hours. There may also be sensitivity on the treated area in rare cases. These are temporary conditions.

What are the advantages of VelaShape III technology?

VelaShape III is the only non-surgical technology approved by FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) for local slimming. Unlike other methods, which use infra-red lights, vacuuming and mechanical message in a combined manner, VelaShape III can offer clinically proven results and warranty for effectiveness and safety.

How long does it take to apply VelaShape III?

It may take minimum 60 minutes and maximum 120 minutes, depending on the treated area and the number of areas to be treated. It must be repeated in certain intervals throughout the year in order to maintain its results.
VelaShape III and UltraShape are the correct combination for those people, who look for non-surgical local slimming, body shaping and solutions for their cellulite and other similar problems.

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